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Ace Windows, Kitchens and Bath’s kitchen countertops are constructed from top-grade, high quality products.  We have been providing outstanding customized kitchen countertops for homeowners in the Midwest for many years.  Not only are we well-known for our high quality products, but we are also recognized for our impressive customer service.  Our company realizes that it isn’t unusual for today’s families to spend more time at home, particularly with the current economy.  Furthermore, gasoline prices have impacted on consumers’ ability to stray very far away from their homes.  Consequently, more families are sticking close to their residences.  In addition, statistics show that an average American family spends as much time as 3,000 hours in their kitchens alone!  Naturally, if people are spending that much time in the hearth of their homes, they are going to want to make sure their kitchens are up to snuff!  One of the first steps to doing that is changing out their kitchen countertops.  When customers replace out-of-date kitchen countertops with more sophisticated, granite countertops, they are able to transform the entire look and feel of their kitchens without them having to invest in expensive and extensive renovation.  This is the reason so many Pekin homeowners have been stopping in to see Ace Windows, Kitchens and Bath.  They are interested in exchanging their current kitchen countertops with our stylish, state-of-the-art granite countertops.

Pekin Granite

Pekin, Illinois is a city located on the Illinois River and is the county seat of Tazewell County.  Pekin has a population of 34,094 residents and is the largest city in Tazewell County and part of the Peoria Metropolitan Area.  Homeowners in Pekin know that we have the service and state-of-the-art products that will bring their kitchens to life in a big way!  Ace Windows, Kitchens and Bath is committed to helping its clients realize their dream kitchens with our granite kitchen countertops for families whose lives are besieged with life’s many demands.  Furthermore, we offer our customers a FREE 3-D kitchen design and friendly professional advice.  Customers realize that by planning ahead they will be able to avoid costly kitchen mistakes.  When customers go with the world’s best granite countertops, you receive the fantastic look you deserve without the demolition and installation headaches associated with ordinary countertops. Our granite countertops outperform the competitions.

Pekin Granite Countertops

Ace Windows, Kitchens and Bath’s kitchen countertops are designed to be a balance of function and beauty for our customers’ needs.  Every kitchen is different, and our goal is to provide you with the kitchen countertops that best fit your preferences and lifestyle.  Our company is focused on discovering the best means to serve our customers throughout the region.  We have a basic and remarkable understanding of our customers’ preferences and the experience required to undertake their reasonable requests.  Ace Windows, Kitchens and Bath provides all the services necessary to get you your new granite kitchen countertop!  To learn more about our exquisite granite countertops, call us, today, at: (309) 661-9688.  We will have your kitchen upgraded in no time!

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