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Mahomet Granite Tops  Mahomet Granite Kitchen Countertops

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Ace Windows, Kitchens & Bath is a unique company that is able to save its customers thousands of dollars on their kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and granite countertops without compromising style, design, function and quality.  Practically every aspect of our business sets us apart from the competition.  Without a doubt, our incredible inventory of granite stone is your best choice for any type of deluxe kitchen countertop surfaces.  Granite has emerged as the hot new product for kitchen countertops!  Granite countertops have a cool and hard surface, and they are a lot less absorbent than marble. Furthermore, granite countertops repel substances that can permanently stain marble kitchen countertops.  Consequently, Ace Windows, Kitchens & Bath’s granite countertops have become the rule rather than the exception! Our granite kitchen countertops are one and the same with sophistication and durability.  The benefits to having granite include distinct aesthetic variations, effortless clean-up, and a sanitary, scratch- and stain-resistant surface for food preparation.  We take enormous pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations with our kitchen countertops.  Although you undoubtedly have your pick of a variety of granite countertop companies, we would like you to give us a try.  We offer our clients in Mahomet fair and competitive rates.  If you are seeking reasonably-priced granite countertops, look no further than Ace Windows, Kitchens & Bath.

Mahomet Granite

Mahomet, Illinois is located in Champaign County.  As of the 2010 census, Mahomet showed a population of 7,258 residents.  Bloomington, the home of Ace Windows, Kitchens & Bath is a straight shot northwest on I-74 from Mahomet to just south of Bloomington and then on US 51 into the city.  Mahomet residents are well aware of our superior customer service, our extraordinary quality of products and our affordable prices.  It is no wonder that they prefer to do business with the regional experts at Ace Windows, Kitchens & Bath who are within a relatively close distance.  Our cabinets are a well-designed balance of both functionality and beauty for our Mahomet customers’ needs.  We offer a variety of choices for each and every one of our Mahomet clients. Every kitchen is different, and our goal is to provide Mahomet residents with the granite kitchen cabinets that best fit their preferences and lifestyles.

Mahomet Granite Countertops

Our company offers delivery at a low cost in the Central Illinois area.  We also ship our RTA (Ready To Assemble) kitchen cabinets out-of-state.  Additionally, we have full size displays to provide inspiration for homeowners, contractors, and developers in our Bloomington showroom.
Our level of know-how and expertise in the area of granite tops, as well as our strong sense of responsibility, are the keys to our success.  Our talented team of professionals has extensive experience in the industry and they offer the best in craftsmanship, timely delivery, customer experience and the best possible prices.  To discover more about how we can get you the top-rated granite countertops, call Ace Windows, Kitchens & Bath, today, at: (309) 661-9688.

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