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Ace Windows, Kitchens and Bath provides the finest in kitchen countertop products in the region.  Our objective is to satisfy our clients’ needs with precision and passion!  When you are in the market for new kitchen countertops, you don’t want to invest in just any old surface.  You need to carefully consider a number of things before selecting a kitchen countertop that suits your preferences.  We know that good kitchen countertops should be durable, as well as attractive, to give your kitchen a certain aura of sophistication and elegance. Another factor to take into account is that your kitchen countertops will be subjected to constant contact with water and other liquids, so they should be able to withstand these assaults.  Further, your kitchen countertops may also be exposed to scratches and dents due to the variety of activities that take place in the kitchen, and more specifically, on the surface of your kitchen countertops!  As a result, it is best if you are able to find the perfect kitchen countertops that can stand up to these abuses.   Wecan assist you in finding the most durable, scratch and stain resistant kitchen countertops.  The kitchen is one of the most important places in your home. This is where you prepare the tasty meals for your Clinton family. Lately, Clinton residents have been enquiring about our incredible granite for the new kitchen countertops for their homes.

Clinton, IL Granite

Clinton, Illinois is the largest city and the county seat in DeWitt County.  Clinton has a population of around 7,225 residents.  Clinton is located 23.5 miles south of Bloomington, the home of Ace Windows, Kitchens and Bath.  Naturally it makes perfect sense that Clinton residents are inclined to select us for their kitchen countertop need.  They are familiar with our impressive reputation and outstanding products.  Furthermore, our showroom in Bloomington has full-size displays to provide inspiration for Clinton homeowners, contractors, and developers. We are Clinton’s one-stop-shop for all of their granite kitchen countertop needs.  Made from natural stone, which has been quarried from mountains all over the world, granite is an organic product that is known for its variations in color, pattern and density that contribute to the appeal and charm of the stone.  We are recognized for designing granite kitchen countertops for our Clinton customers that are aesthetically pleasing and proportionally balanced to reflect the beauty of the product while keeping function in mind.

Clinton, IL Granite Countertops

Because there are many choices available when it comes to choosing the finest material for your kitchen countertop, the professionals at Ace Windows, Kitchens and Bath believe that granite is the most durable and the most affordable choice when contrasted to marble.  We highly recommend it as the best option for customers that will increase the efficiency and functionality of their kitchens.  Not only are granite countertops extremely resilient, but knives and cutlery will not scratch its surface.  Our granite countertops are exactly what your kitchen has been missing!  To discover more about this superior choice for your kitchen countertops, call Ace Windows, Kitchens and Bath, today, at: (309) 661-9688.

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