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Ace Windows, Kitchen and Bath recognizes the kitchen as one of the most important rooms in the house.  In fact, the kitchen countertop is one of the most important fixtures in the room. In addition, there are many different styles and materials on today’s market that are used for kitchen countertops.  Because of the increasing popularity of kitchen countertop choices, various types can be mixed and matched to obtain an individualized kitchen countertop.  In order to get the best kitchen countertops, we can help you select the finest granite materials, textures, colors and functions.  Selecting kitchen countertop materials used to be fairly simple when there were considerably less choices. Today, there are substantially more choices available.  Plus, you can be sure that all of our granite slabs are of premium quality and are free of imperfections.  Granite is just as unique in appearance as our Champaign customers’ design ideas are!  Naturally, Ace Windows, Kitchen and Bath  wants Champaign homeowners to be completely happy with their granite purchase, so we make sure they have all the input and assistance they need when making the decision as to the best granite kitchen countertop materials to purchase.  

Champaign Granite

Champaign, Illinois is located in Champaign County and has approximately 81,055 residents.  It shares the campus of the University of Illinois with its sister city in Urbana.  Further, Champaign is known as the 11th most populous city in Illinois.  Since there are more and more Champaign families spending more and more time at home, they are especially interested in upgrading their kitchens with state-of-the-art granite countertops.  Because it is not unusual for an average family to spend as much time as 3,000 hours, or more, a year in their kitchens, Champaign customers are anxious to create an inviting and warm environment to augment their time they spend with their family and friends in their kitchens.  Ace Windows, Kitchen and Bath understands that improvements to their kitchens are one of the best ways to enhance the value of their homes.  Besides that, our granite kitchen countertops will last a lifetime and are excellent and economical ways to improve the quality of customers’ lifestyles.

Champaign Granite Countertops

Ace Windows, Kitchen and Bath knows that clients have a wealth of ideas about how they want their kitchens to function and operate, and we are a viable resource that offers them an opportunity to customize their granite kitchen countertops to whichever dimensions they want, in order to ensure that they are totally pleased with the end results!  Our selection of granite colors is just one step in the process. Then begins the process of determining which patterns and colors to select.  We will assist our customers in all steps of the process in choosing the granite slabs that best suit their lifestyles and designs for their kitchen countertops.  To find out more about our kitchen countertop services, call us, today, at (309) 661-9688. With our talents and expertise, Ace Windows, Kitchen and Bath will help you realize your dream kitchen in no time!  

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